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Water and energy have a symbiotic relationship. Water is used to produce energy, and energy is needed to produce and move water. The two are forever intertwined. The urgency of addressing global climate change necessitates the development of innovative and environmentally conscious methods for generating power. Simultaneously, all investments in power plants must yield returns within a specified timeframe. Leveraging the immense energy potential of water, a time-tested concept in power generation, can harmonize both ecological and economic aspects of power production. Superior Performance Energy’s expertise, partnerships and selected cutting-edge technology offering for small hydro power plants plays a pivotal role in unlocking this potential, facilitating competitive and environmentally sustainable power generation investments and operations.

While hydro is expected to be eventually overtaken by wind and solar, it will continue to play a key role as a dispatchable power source to back up variable renewables. Pumped storage could also potentially play a major role in balancing out variations in solar and wind generation.

At Superior Performance Energy, we hold the view that smaller and more agile hydropower facilities can expedite the global transition to sustainable energy. Leveraging our relationships with hydropower technology providers, we present standardized solutions for small hydropower projects starting from 1MW unit output, tailored to suit customer’s specific requirements. Our approach to integrating small hydropower plants is based on ability to combine machinery and supplementary services in a user-friendly way.

Stats & Charts

Hydroelectricity generation increased by almost 70 TWh (up close to 2%) in 2022, reaching 4 300 TWh. Hydropower remains the largest renewable source of electricity, generating more than all other renewable technologies combined. In the Net Zero Emissions by 2050 Scenario, hydropower maintains an average annual generation growth rate of close to 4% in 2023-2030 to provide approximately 5 500 TWh of electricity per year. In the last five years the average growth rate was less than one-third of what is required, signalling a need for significantly stronger efforts, especially to streamline permitting and ensure project sustainability. Hydropower plants should be recognised as a reliable backbone of the clean power systems of the future and supported accordingly.

How it Works?

Our team can provides high-quality assistance for all elements of small hydro project development, from conceptual project design and cost estimates to preparation of final designs to construction management services. We are well versed in the regulatory and agency requirements for licensing, permitting, and constructing small hydro plants. 

  • Services include:
    Comprehensive solutions from water to wire for small hydro power plants
  • Tailored design and engineering services to meet specific requirements
  • Renovation and servicing of current facilities with minimal production disruptions
  • Local assistance, maintenance, and support to ensure maximum uptime
  • Exceptional operational safety and efficiency, even for the smallest installations.

Mini-hydro power plant case study

The real case study presents the conversion of an historical check dam of Regio Parco canal in a mini-hydro power plant in the city of Turin (Piedmont Region, Italy), and it investigates the “land use-water-energy nexus” from an ecological perspective. The paper considers the 12 principles of infrastructure ecology in the urban water management to provide innovative solutions for blue-urban infrastructures that increase sustainability in cities.



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We offer products, solutions, and services across the entire energy value chain. We support our customers on their way to a more sustainable future – no matter how far along the journey to energize society with affordable renewable energy systems.

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